WTF Friday: Down And Out Dodge

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I’m not sure how many of you pay attention to the lifted truck scene, but one of the current trends among those who go up are low offset wheels.

Like the aggressive fitment crowd these low offset wheels are wide and fit with stretched rubber. If you’re not familiar here’s an example:

To be perfectly honest I’m not sold on the look. I’d rather the traditional lifted look with taller rubber, but to each their own.

I’d never considered a wheel and tire set up like what’s above on a bagged truck. Apparently it looks like this:

The result keeps the wheels but skips the lift. The result is similar to the bagged pre-runner style Ranger from 2015. An interesting clash of two genres that somehow seems to work.

The wheels in this case are 22×14, which are typical for lifted Dodges but new territory for bagged ones.

I’m going to be watching this project with a cautious eye as I’m really curious to see what he does with the bedsides as I don’t think just a fender pull will work.

Do they make pre runner flares for Dodge Rams?

You can follow along to via instagram at @laceybro.og

If you’re curious the truck looked like this before hand.

Wonder what it will look like all said and done? Time will tell.


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